How does Comskye work?

Comskye has your personalized experience to help with your projects. Let us help you today.

Start your campaign

By starting your campaign with us, you will need to set up your fundraiser goal and tell us your story.

Share with friends

After starting your campaign make sure to share your story through email, social media and text your friends.

Manage donations

Accept your donations all under one platform and on't forget to thank your donors!


Independent Artist

Independent Artist

Matthew Sharon

"I was able to not only raise money for a new music video, but I was able to promote my music through social media to make myself more professional."

Music Producer

Music Producer

Robert James

"Comskye helped with a personalized plan to help me crowdfund for my new amplifiers for my studio."



Ryan Patrick

"It was painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I am so pleased with this Comskye."

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